Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Malcolm Ang (11)

Most great leaders are consistent. They try not to change their style of leadership and make decisions consistently and not be distracted by personal issues. They also have initiative to find better solutions by asking questions and encourage suggestions. Good leaders are also optimistic because if they are optimistic the group will also be optimistic. Lack of confidence also works the same way, the group will be pessimistic if the leader is very negative.

Leaders must have the trait of responsibility as they need to be able to accept challenges. They need to be responsible if one member of the group is not good enough and can not cope with the rest of the group. Leaders need to be able to listen to other members as they need to focus on the needs of other members. They need members to know that they are able to listen and will take suggestions. Leaders need to listen to other's opinions.

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